About Us

Rainbow Ninja Press was founded by Beany Sparks in 2015. 

It started as an idea her muse PITA popped into her head that she just laughed off. Many months later she and her artistic muse Arty were creating covers when the idea to self publishing came to mind. With a lot of nagging from PITA, Beany decided that the only thing to do was to create a company otherwise her muse would never move on from the idea and she had stories that needed to be written! 

The idea behind the name is rather simple. Beany was chatting with a friend on Facebook, when the friend referred to her as a ninja and Beany said she'd need a badge. A little while later, the friend made her her very own badge-a rainbow ninja with devil horns and a crooked halo. It was perfect! Ever since then, Beany has had the ninja as her profile picture on social media. When the time came to pick a logo, Beany knew exactly what she wanted! Getting it was a bit tricky, but after drawing it, colouring it by hand, scanning it, and then putting it through Photoshop (which was the longest process at almost 10hrs!) her ninja was done!